Nicol of Skene is a leading UK Directional Drilling specialist, having completed all types of small and large civil engineering projects using trenchless technology.

Whilst it can't promise the end of road-works, our Directional Drilling Division can help minimise excavation and reduce traffic disruption in a wide range of underground crossings.

Nicol of Skene have invested in three DitchWitch drilling rigs which enables us to work across Scotland and into the North of England. Our machinery has the ability to drill up to 500m through solid rock and carry out pipe installations of up to 900mm diameter.

Directional Drilling can be carried out in most locations including:

  • road crossings
  • under buildings
  • rail tracks
  • rivers
  • concrete yards

Directional Drilling is a safe and cost-effective method of installing services such as water pipes, cables or ducting.

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Benefits include:

  • Limited traffic congestion
  • No Highway reinstatement costs / maintenance
  • No tipping costs
  • Minimum disruption to existing site
  • Environmentally friendly

Directional Drilling uses a guided drill head to bore a hole either from the surface or from a launch pit. We has the ability to manoeuvre the drill head horizontally and vertically to maintain the required depth and route. When the drill head has reached the required location the drill head is replaced by a reamer which is then pulled back through the bore hole increasing the hole diameter to meet the customers specification.

If you have a project that could benefit from Nicol of Skene's directional drilling expertise please get in touch.

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