Drilling at Anderson Drive, Aberdeen


Nicol of Skene successfully drill under Anderson Drive in Aberdeen.

The Nicol of Skene drilling squad carried out a technically challenging drill in January 2016 underneath Anderson Drive.

The drill which could have been problematic in that many utility services were already present and had to be avoided during the drill.  In addition to this, carrying out works on Aberdeen's busy Anderson Drive can always be troublesome.

However, as we were going directly UNDER the road, our team carried out the drill with no requirement for traffic management and therefore little disruption to the travelling public.

Services that were present during the drill included: BT ducts, gas pipes, sewers - foul and storm, water mains and numerous other hydro services and cables.  These were all identified prior to the drill commencing so that they could be avoided.


Langstracht & Anderson Drive, Aberdeen
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