Nicol of Skene are WINNERS at the Trades Awards for the SECOND year running!

Trades Awards 2021 Winner2

Nicol of Skene are incredibly proud to be taking home the trophy again this year in the Excellence in Health and Safety Category after winning this same award last year at The Trades Awards 2020!

Winning this award two years in a row truly highlights the hard work we have put in and acknowledges our dedication to the protection, health, safety, and wellbeing of every worker. Health and Safety plays such a large role in Nicol of Skene’s operations as well as in each and every one of our employees working days, whether it be onsite or offsite.


Nicol of Skene employees supporting HSE's WorkRight campaign.

After winning the award last year and whilst still having to deal with all the necessary restrictions needed to protect our workers in a global pandemic, there have been many more changes and improvements made to Nicol of Skene’s Health and Safety processes and procedures in the past year.

Nicol of Skene have been making continual changes to improve our occupational health performance and the wellbeing of our staff, with a recent focus on the employees who’s faces you don’t see on site, including the team who keep our plant and vehicle fleet up and running in our workshop. 

In late 2020, Nicol of Skene made the decision to continue the journey to develop our health and safety management system. Following a two-stage audit process, we are now certified by BSI to the ISO 45001:2018 Standard for the provision of civil engineering, construction, horizontal directional drilling, and plant hire services. This further demonstrates our commitment to the health, safety and welfare of our workers and the continual improvement of our OH&S culture and performance, across all operations.

One of the other main factors contributing to our Health and Safety improvements throughout the past year is our continued focus on maintaining a modern plant and equipment fleet, incorporating the latest innovations and technology to help protect workers and other stakeholders. This year we have introduced two new larger suction excavators to our fleet to upgrade and replace our existing “Anchorator”. The two new machines offer greater capabilities, allowing Nicol of Skene to respond to challenging ground conditions on projects of different scopes all whilst working even smarter & even safer than before!


Our two new suction excavators.

During every working day, every employee at Nicol of Skene is always learning and adopting new ways of working to minimise risk to themselves and others around them. Winning this award twice is a well done and a massive thank you to everyone at Nicol of Skene for their hard work and commitment to our health and safety, especially after a few very challenging years dealing with the pandemic. A huge well done to all other winners at The Trades Awards 2021!!

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