Nicol of Skene are set to double the number of suction excavators or “Anchorators” within their growing fleet to respond to the increasing number of contracts the company is being awarded throughout Scotland.

One of the new suction excavators will be based at our new Inverness facility and will be available to new and existing clients within the Highlands and Islands.

Suction Excavators act like a hoover and as the name suggests, the suction hose on the machine removes the material from an excavation.  This eliminates the need for mechanical diggers to be used, allowing for safer and neater excavations. They can also be used in areas where there is restricted access for larger machinery and can minimise disruption to the public and traffic flow.

Our new suction excavators come in the form of a MTS DINO 8 which is due to be delivered in May 2021 and a MTS DINO 12 which is due to be delivered in July 2021. Both come with a 250mm suction hose and twin fans, meaning they are larger than the current Anchorator. The DINO 8 has a side tipping spoil tank with a capacity of 8m³, equipped with a Standard Power Boom suction hose carrier and is mounted to a Volvo FM 500Hp 6x2 Globetrotter chassis. The DINO 12 is a larger suction excavator with a greater tipping spoil tank capacity of 12m³. It will be mounted to a Volvo 500Hp 8x4 chassis. 

MTS Dino 8                                                                

20210505 131731 002

MTS Dino 12

FH Volvo12.05

Since the introduction of “The Anchorator” to the our fleet in 2018, Nicol of Skene pledged to donate to the charity, Friends of ANCHOR, on our client’s behalf every time The Anchorator is involved on a project. The charity helps cancer and haematology patients in the North East of Scotland at the ANCHOR unit within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and as an ongoing supporter, Nicol of Skene have now raised an astounding £32,300 for the charity throughout their years.

In addition to the capabilities and larger capacities of the two new suction excavators, one of the most exciting things about the new additions is the fact that Nicol of Skene’s pledge will continue, and a one-off donation will be made directly to Friends of ANCHOR on our client’s behalf when the machines are used on a new project.

The Anchorator is a truly unique suction excavator, boasting bright vehicle livery designed by local school pupils within the Westhill area. The winning designs from each school were chosen, consolidated, and brought to life along with the collaborative logo featuring Friends of ANCHOR’s tulip and Nicol of Skene’s iconic thistle. The suction excavator’s name “The Anchorator” was also thought up by the pupils. It is very eye catching and hard to miss!

Nicol of Skene’s current Anchorator and livery

Anchorator Birds Eye 090818

The current Anchorator’s livery will be extended on to the brand-new suction excavators so make sure to keep an eye out for them on the roads!